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Essential Balance Classic – All Skin Types (60mins) – £60
Refines the skin, creating a smoother, softer appearance and increases hydration.

Essential Balance Resurfacer – All Skin Types (55 mins) – £65
Provides gentle, yet effective exfoliation. Improves fine lines, wrinkles and rough texture. Refines skin, creating a smoother, softer appearance. Brightens and restores dull, lifeless Skin.

Derma Clear Classic – Acne Prone Skin (60 mins) – £60
Dissolves blackheads and unclogs pores. Breaks up dead skin cells and prevents oil and debris build up. Helps prevent future breakouts.

Derma Clear Resurface – Acne Grade (55 mins) – £65
Dissolves impaction associated with acne-causing bacteria. Addresses acne breakouts directly. Reduces and soothes inflammation.

Derma Clear Resurface – Acne/Delicate Skin (55 mins) – £65
Refines the skin, creating a smoother, softer appearance. Brightens dull, lifeless skin. Effective anti-inflammation for irritated skin.

Peptide Vitality Classic – Ageing Skin (60 mins) – £60
Helps to re-energize and strengthen increasingly tired skin. Soothes irritated, compromised skin. Improves skin thickness and hydration.

Peptide Vitality Resurfacer – Ageing Skin (55 mins) – £65
Improves firmness and clarity for lustrous skin. Revives lifeless, dull skin. Supports and improves the dermal matrix.

Vitamin Infusion Classic – C Infusion (60 mins) – £60
Provides thorough antioxidant support for the initial signs of aging. Leaves skin soft and hydrated. Restores a vibrant skin colour and balances texture.

Vitamin Infusion Resurfacer – C Infusion (55 mins) – £65
Improves mild sun damage for more youthful, even looking skin. Effectively exfoliates and hydrates. Scavenges free radicals.

Skin Brite – Pigmentation (60 mins) – £60
Gets you glowing with a fresher and more even complexion. Diminishes pigmentation caused by mild acne and skin trauma. Addresses mild form, soft hyperpigmentation.

Skin Brite Resurfacer – Pigmentation (55 mins) – £65
Improves pigmentation concerns for a more even skin tone. Restores hydration for peached skin. Gently retextures the surface layers of skin.

Stem Cell Rescue – Age Management (60 mins) – £60
Repairs environmentally stressed skin. Restores skin for optimal strength.

Stem Cell Resurfacer – Age Management (55 mins) – £65
Reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores. Restores normal cell turnover to reveal a brighter complexion.

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